With the addition of Lady Kristen Lloyd to our staff, Gina constantly studying and taking classes (it really never stops) and Christopher finally succumbing to his clients demands, we’ve got some new services for y’all!

New Massage Modalities

Kristen, massage therapist extraordinaire, has many arrows in her quiver, but there are two that of particular interest: Lymphatic Drainage and Trigger Point Therapy. Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique that works through the body’s interstitial and lymphatic system to activate the  circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. More on that here. Trigger Point Therapy is a massage style that releases those stubborn, irritable spots in the muscle. Highly focused work that really works . .  more on that here.

New Blood Labs

Ever wonder if the reason your pain won’t go away is because of something you are eating? Yeah, no one wonders that. Rather unfortunate too. We have seen MANY folks spend years and thousands of dollars trying to sort out their pain issues . . . only to find out they have a raging dairy allergy causing all that inflammation. So Gina has had her nose in functional medical books for over a year now and is now integrating blood analysis labs into her practice. Simple finger pricks to get a few droplets of blood and you can have a look at exactly what foods you are and are not allergic too. It will blow your mind.

New Exercise/Stretch Programming

Christopher has been prescribing stretches and exercises here and there for Gina and his client’s for years. It is amazing how a few targeted stretches and movements can alleviate pervasive pain and aches. After many clients asking for an hour of Xtopher’s time to put together a proper program, he has finally decided to put these programs together for clients formally. NOTE: this is not personal training. It is merely a few poignant exercises and stretches laid out to re-program and rehabilitate movement patterns and weaknesses in the body. Super useful and meant to be done without much in the way of tools and weights and such. More on Exercise/ Stretch Programming Here.

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Creative Integrations | Newsletter| Acupuncture, Massage, Exercise Physiology, Herbs, Wellness(sigh . . . sorry about that)

But yes! We are finally putting together a quasi-monthly newsletter for all our beautiful peeps, patients and patrons! We say “quasi” since we will only fire these things out when we have fabulously interesting things to say . . . might be 3 weeks . . . might be 6, who knows these things?

Anyway, we do wholly promise not to clog your inbox with lame newsletters that are thinly veiled attempts to market to you. These newsletters are built to give you interesting, useful info so you can be the Super Smarty-Pants at the water cooler (and maybe get you to happily live to 1000 with Gina, Xto4 and Lady Kristen too!).

If you want to opt out of the newsletter, please do it. We will not be offended or give you sour looks when you come in. Truly, we want these newsletters to brighten your day a bit and make you better equipped to deal with the Big Bad World out there. No, I didn’t say Big Pharma . . . but it is implied.

Oh! And the newsletters will be short and sweet. In the email you receive from us, there will be a quick list of topics covered where you can click on if you are interested and you will go to a more detailed page on out site. After the quick list o’ topics there will be the same list below with a few sentences on each topic so you can better decide whether or not you want to click and read more. Super fast, super easy. Why aren’t all newsletters like this? (you watch, they all will be soon! And you can say you know the inventor! But then I nabbed the layout idea from someone else so you will actually be lying. Sorry about that)

The newsletters will be lovely, you’ll see . . .

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Click the link below to download the New Patient Paperwork for Acupuncture: aa

New Patient Forms

You download the paperwork by mousing over the bottom right-hand corner to reveal the navigation button bar. To print straight away, click the printer icon. To simply download the pdf, click the hard disc icon:

Creative Integrations | Acupuncture, Herbs, Massage | GIna Zuleger | Christopher Warren


Fill out and either scan/email the paperwork to frontdesk@creativeintegrations.net or fax to 949.757.0097

PLEASE remember to bring the original documents with you to your first appointment! Failure to bring the documents with wet signatures will mean you will have to fill out all over again (it’s a legal/insurance thing).

If you cannot fill out the paperwork and send in to us, simply bring it with you. If you cannot fill out the paperwork, please let us know and plan on arriving 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill everything out. Thanks!


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