Non-Organic Chicken Now Fortified with Urinary Tract Infections

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No joke. Researchers just linked Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) to store-bought chicken. That is to say, any chicken that is fed antibiotics falls into this category. Turns out there is a drug-resistant strain of E.Coli out there now that is immune to antibiotics and being found in our retail foods . . . specifically chicken.

This Superbug is causing UTI’s to increase dramatically worldwide. Antibiotic use in agriculture strikes again. Ready for your fun fact of the day? The FDA says that, “80% of the antibiotics sold in the United States are fed to livestock.” Blech. And it gets better, researchers interviewed for this article said “that chicken carries bacteria with the highest levels of resistance to medicine.”

Not to get all fear-based and scary, but commercial food lots are producing some of the meanest superbugs out there. It’s going to get bad real soon-like. Please buy antibiotic free meats whenever you can. Demand it from your restraunts and make sure your kids know that all that cheap food out there is really (really!) not good for you!

Here’s the link for the whole story (there are video’s from ABC News at the bottom of the page if you are scared of reading):

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