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You know how sliced turkey at Albertson’s/Subway/Enter Lame Food Place Here is crazy expensive, super salty and loaded with nitrates? (you do know this, right?) Well, it is soooo easy to simply buy a whole turkey breast from TJ’s and follow the recipes. YOu will not dry it out and you can make way more sliced turkey for your lunches for way less cash. Checkity:

The recipe is meant to be done with a gravy type sauce, which we’ve been told is great.  Gravy = fat so only make that step if you already hit the gym before work (wink). The basic recipe is as follows:

Place turkey breast skin side down on a roasting pan with the rack.  Cook for about an hour at 275*.  Flip over turkey and cook for one more hour.  Internal temp of breast should be 160* – so measure it.  If it is at desired temp, let sit for 15 minutes.  Really juicy and tender.  Also, there is usually turkey juice on the bottom of roasting pan – pour over turkey.  Even tender and moist as left-overs.  (See the “crisping” instructions at the bottom of the more extensive recipe below. . .)

Here is the more extensive recipe:

Slow Roasting Turkey…in pieces!

Chop: 3 onions/3 stalks celery/2 carrots
Place in bottom of roasting pan
Cover with rack
Pour in 1C chicken broth
Place parts on rack…Turkey breast skin side down on rack over veggies and broth
Brush w/ melted butter S+P
COOK at 275 for 1 HOUR
Flip Breast over – parts too
Check Temp : Breast should be 160 and Parts 175
Take out, let rest

STRAIN veggies out of drippings/press veggies to get all flavor.
Need 3 Cups…add broth if needed to make 3 cups

MELT 3Tbls of Butter till foaming subsides
ADD 3 Tbls flour. WISK to combine cook 5-8 min to broun.
Wisk in broth gradually
ADD 2-3 Bay leaves and COOK 15 Min to brown and cook flavors

HEAT oven to 500
Return turkey parts to oven to crisp and re-heat 15 min.
TRANSFER to tray let REST AGAIN 20 Min before slicing.

Buy parts or cut one up!

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