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Making bone broth is incredibly simple. Just get a slow cooker or large pot and fill with bones/carcasses of any type of animal. add enough water so everything is covered. Add 3 capfuls of white vinegar to the water and bring to a boil. Once the pot/cooker is got a nice rolling boil going, take it down to a low setting to simmer. Simmer for 24-48hours. Strain everything out and keep in mason jars in the fridge (if you don’t use immediately).

Having Bone Broth in the ridge means you can make soup in 20 minutes (the flavor is amazing and so good for you!). Use the bone broth to reheat beans, chicken, whatever (instead of water). Or just drink it straight. You will feel like superhero.

As far as bones to use: bones from fresh, organic

For a thorough discussion on Bone Broths and their medicinal uses, preparation and why they should be part of your daily life, click here.

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