Massage FAQ’s: If the pressure is too deep or not deep enough, should I say something?

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Absolutely! You are spending your hard earned time and money on a massage treatment so it better be exactly what you want!

Do not endure your massage. If the pressure is too light, let Christopher know. If the pressure is too deep, let Christopher know. If you are too warm or cold or if the music is too loud or soft or the light is too bright or the infrared light is too close or anything (!!), let Christopher know. He will make every effort to make sure you are getting the best massage treatment possible.

Do not hold back, let Chrisotpher know. It actually makes his job easier. More direction is better, especially in the first few treatments while he is figuring out what is best for you.

Also, as time goes on, you will likely change your preferences on depth of pressure, certain stretches, etc – let Christopher know.

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