Massage FAQ: What should I expect from my first massage appointment?

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Christopher will meet you in the lobby at the time agreed upon. A brief health history intake form will be given to you to fill out. you will then be brought back into the massage treatment room.

Christopher will then use this health intake to begin a conversation with you about what you hope to achieve in the massage session. If you have preferences on style of massage, pressure, areas to concentrate or avoid, this is your first opportunity to let Christopher know. Of course, you may add and/or amend to your preferences as your massage goes along. This is your time and your session, you get to make sure you are getting out of it what is best for you. Christopher will do his best to accomodate.

After the massage, Christopher will leave and allow you time to dress and come back to the world . . . he will met you at the front desk at the lobby and see you off. He will likely insist you have a few glasses of water and stay in Turtle Mode as long as possible. Christopher will take payment and schedule your next appointment if you like. When you are ready to go . . . the world awaits.

You should feel relaxed, yet alert. Loose and lithe. Walking should be a bit easier and your breathing a bit deeper. You may find yourself laughing a bit easier and generally more pleasant to others in your life.

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