Supplement/Herb Consultations

What vitamins should you take? Which supplements are worthwhile? Why should you spend the money?

The world of supplements, herbs and vitamins is profoundly confusing. It is a full time job just to sift through the research and know what is useful and what is overkill. Thankfully, Gina is a dedicated academic and researcher who has spent the last decade reading and sifting and learning . . . so you don’t have to.

Supplement/Herb Consultations are 45 minutes long for the Initial Visit and cost $125. You will fill out paperwork beforehand and bring in all the supplements you currently take. Any labs or panels you have will be very useful for Gina. In general, more is more. Bring it all. Gina will ask you several questions and get to the heart of what is going on with you.

Gina will then take a few days to research your case, look into every detail and then you will come for a follow-up Report of Findings Appointment (approximately 30 minutes – $75). During this session, Gina will make recommendations for supplements/herbs and dietary therapy. Also, there may be suggested labs or panels needed to be more accurate.

While we do offer quite a lot of supplements and herbs, there is never any obligation to purchase anything from us. Sometimes, the recommendations are free: getting your mega-dose of Vitamin D = 20 minutes in direct sunshine!

Follow-up appointments (also 30 minutes/$75) on an ongoing basis will allow you to track results along with Gina and hone your supplement/herb schedule so you feel the best you can possibly feel.

Gina will take into consideration all medications, lifestyle choices and other variables to ensure your results are the best they can be . . . however, she will not push you into buying or taking anything that your are not ready or willing to take. Gina will meet you where you are and make suggestions based on the best course of treatment. Ultimately, it will be up to you to move forward with the suggestions.