Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies are a specific preparation of plants, either in liquid, powdered or whole, that are ingested orally or applied topically. These remedies are individually designed and tailored for the patient and are used at Creative Integrations to enhance and sustain the acupuncture treatments. You can think of the herbal remedies as daily support for your acupuncture sessions in between treatments. Efficacy and faster results occur with regular use of herbs.

Herbology is one of the more important modalities utilized in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Each herbal medicine prescription is a mixture of many herbs tailored to the individual patient. The practitioner usually designs a remedy using one or two main ingredients that target the illness. Then the practitioner adds many other ingredients to adjust the formula to the patient’s yin/yang conditions. Sometimes, ingredients are needed as it is believed that it will cancel out toxicity or side-effects of the main ingredients. Some herbs require the use of other ingredients as a catalyst or else the brew is considered to be ineffective. The latter steps require great experience and knowledge, and make the difference between what is accepted as a good Chinese herbal doctor and an amateur. Unlike western medications, the balance and interaction of all the ingredients are considered more important than the effect of individual ingredients. A key to success in TCM is the treatment of each patient as an individual.

Thankfully, Gina is a bookworm and researches both Eastern and Western modalities voraciously. Her continuous education coupled with over a decade of clinical experience has earned Gina, acupuncturist & herbalist, an excellent reputation as an extremely capable and effective herbalist.