Detox Programs

Detoxing is one of those buzz words these days . . . and for good reason: we really do live in a toxic environment. Couple that with the ever increasing average age in this country and making sure you clean out your body’s systems every once in a while becomes of paramount importance.

Now when people envision a detox, they think of drinking thimbles of lemon juice, not eating and needing to remain within 20 feet of a toilet 24/hrs a day for the 3, 5, 7, 10 or 30 days the detox is recommended. At Creative Integrations, we have a different philosophy on detoxification.

Firstly, the idea is to clean your system out so you can build and restore your body to be as healthy and well as possible. How does going through fasting hell achieve this? It doesn’t. Harsh detox protocols will break you down and hurt you (and make less than desirable to co-habitate with). Detox protocols can be as simple as eating clean, organic, non-allergenic foods for a few weeks. It is remarkable how happy your digestive tract, brain function and energy levels can be when you eat clean.

Should you wish to push the detox process along a bit, we can add in some homeopathic remedies, greens formulas and other supplements that speed detoxification along (and I don’t mean speed you to the lieu!). Of course, these protocols are highly individual and depend on your individual constitution, diet history, stress levels and current health. Gina will help sort out what detox program is best for you.

The goal is to make you feel the best you can, to make you feel healthy and strong, rejuvenated and restored. There are many ways up the proverbial mountain to this goal . . . some are remarkably subtle, others a bit more invasive . . . all are poignant.

Should you already be a patient of Gina’s, simply request that you would like to investigate a detox protocol. Gina will incorporate the detox suggestions into your next acupuncture appointment. It is possible, however, that your case will require a separate 30 minute Supplement/Herbal Consultation or an Extended Acupuncture Treatment.

If you are not a regular patient, Gina will have you in for an Initial Detox Protocol Appointment (45 minutes, $125). You will fill out paperwork beforehand and meet with Gina for a detailed analysis of your constitution, healthy history and desired outcome of the detox. Gina will make initial suggestions for you to start right away but will require a Follow-up Detox Protocol Appointment (30 minutes, $75) to set out the protocols, required actions and/or supplements.

Of course, you may take the suggestions and do with them as you please. We have many of the supplements on hand for your convenience but feel free to buy your products from any retail outlet you prefer. Ongoing instruction, check in’s, tweaks and advice is always recommended/encouraged (though never required) and will come in the form of one or more Follow-up Detox Protocol Appointments.

Overall, Detox Protocols should build you stronger and make you want to dance. Fairly simple, really . . .

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