Acupuncture Services

Simply stated, acupuncture brings your body’s natural systems back into balance.

Whether your imbalances result in chronic pain, poor digestion, lack of energy, infertility, anxiety or any other ailment caused by internal or external imbalance, acupuncture will restore these imbalances and improve your quality of life. Proven over 5000 years, acupuncture has become a popular medical answer for one, simple reason: it works.

Acupuncture is the art of aligning the body’s energies so every system can do what it is supposed to do. Your digestive system can absorb nutrients and rid you of toxins. Your immune system can protect you from internal and external stresses. Your muscular system can function and perform without pain or limited range of motion. Your mind can think without fog or restriction.

Needles, thinner than a strand of your hair, are inserted into specific areas of your body. These specific acu-points will either draw energy (Chi or Qi) towards or away from a specific areas depending on your particular needs. Always, the idea is to restore balance to whatever system is being addressed. Also, unlike most western medical therapies, acupuncture is able to help your psycho-emotional well-being along with your physical.

Acupuncture services here at Creative Integrations are administered by Gina Zuleger, MSTOM, Lic. Ac. One treatment and you will realize that Gina is a very special practitioner of this art. Gina’s beside manner is second only to her voracious appetite to learn, study and apply her many years of education and experience in every treatment she performs.

Initial Acupuncture appointments take about 1.5 hours and cost $165. Follow-up appointments take about an hour and cost $95

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